ReBike ALTERmobility is coordinator of the SMILE project.

ReBike ALTERmobility ( is a not-for-profit organisation based in Rome, Italy, whose main objective is the promotion of sustainable styles of life in a urban context, specifically for what regards mobility and transportation.

The main focus of ReBike’s activities is in non-formal education for sustainability for adults and young citizens. This is done through courses and training in schools and in public events, workshops, itineraries and walks.

European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO) is a partner in the SMILE project.

EUROGEO ( is a European scientific society, which networks geographers from all walks of life. It is an international non-profit organisation based in Belgium. EUROGEO aims to encourage cross-border cooperation; promote education and training in Geography from a European perspective.
EUROGEO activities include conferences and workshops, producing publications, supporting geographers in their jobs and careers, enhancing the teaching of geographical sciences, identifying and promoting good practise, co-operating with the European and national bodies, giving advice on geography and making recommendations to policy makers.

ECO-LOGIC is a partner in the SMILE project.

ECO–LOGIC ( is a non-profit organisation based in Skopje, Macedonia that is dedicated to raising awareness, non formal education and research related to sustainable development, environmentally friendly life styles, green jobs, social entrepreneurship, and youth work.

ECO-LOGIC encourages and supports positive changes in the environment through non formal education of young people in terms of:

  • promotion of the ecology as science and the cleaner production concept
  • protection and conservation of nature and the environment
  • environmental and ecological education for sustainable development
  • creating new “green” jobs and
  • training and involvement of interested citizens in projects

Susivienijimas Žali.LT is a partner in the SMILE project.

Association Green.LT (Susivienijimas Žali.LT, ( is non-governmental organisation, which aims to ensure the dissemination of environmental ideas in Lithuania. The association mostly works with youth and middle-aged people, but several specific activities have been organized with pupils from schools and kindergardens.

Susivienijimas Žali.LT organizes environmental initiatives, public actions, protests and information campaigns, flash mobs, round tables for environmental NGOs and festivals. The association organizes different seminars on environmental issues and workshops for the citizens and it gives lessons at schools.

PAEPSM ( is a non-profit membership association established in Athens, Greece. Its members are the parents of the more than 370 children that study at the Experimental Primary Schools of Maraslion. PAEPSM cooperates with the Experimental Primary Schools of Maraslion, the Faculty of Primary Education of University of Athens and the Municipality of Athens.

PAEPSM organizes activities like sports, dancing, acting etc., where children are trained by professionals and cultural visits. PAEPSM develops and organises courses on innovative e-Learning tools and methodologies and conferences.

PAEPSM’s objectives are to:

  • entertain children while at the same time develop skills not included in the school syllabus.
  • provide resources to improve in-service training of schools.
  • Foster learning to learn, raise environmental awareness, promote culture and develop a healthy life style.
  • provide informal and non-formal education to parents, mainly to those who are unemployed or under qualified because of social exclusion and age difference with children.

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